“I really like this because it makes me think of destroying labels which I hate 💜:)” -recoveryforallofmyheart

“I just read your story and realized that you are one of the most wonderful people I have gotten the privilege of knowing, and now understand more about what you’ve been through.”

“What a beautiful story of survival through adversity.” -carolineturriff

“It takes courage to bring these issues into the light.” -Anna Waldherr

“Good luck! You are an incredibly strong woman, so much respect for that. I’m constantly amazed and in awe at positive stories like yours about recovery. I appreciate it’s a journey but one that can be won. You are an inspiration! xxx” -A.K.H.F.

“This post hits home so much with me. This illness truly is a bitch and it destroys much more than just our own lives.” -thisisgoodbyeanorexia

“This was such an eye opening post. Thank you so much for the reminder.” -blondepancake

“I can relate so much to this. It’s like reading my own diary. Hugs❤” -Borderline Med

“You are AMAZING!! Happy recovery-birthday. You courage is apparent, you are inspirational. Thank you for your honesty and bravery to this put this down and write so elegantly. Xxx” -thehumanhurricane