Work has been exhausting.

There is no other way to say it.

I am working my ass off, and dealing with my tendency to please people and be a good employee.

This is leading to feeling burnt out, exhausted, and even impacting my eating and recovery.


For the Fourth, a couple of friends and I went to a married friend’s house. They made us dinner, and it was great. We ate, drank some wine, watched a movie. Then, one of our friends threw up red wine all over herself, the couch, and the floor.

My friend’s wife and I got her to the bathroom while the guys scrubbed the carpet. Couple hours or so later, the wife and I were fully dressed, holding a passed out girl up in the shower. It was an interesting night, but I enjoyed being “normal” and going out with friends and having fun.


So, the client I’ve been doing these experiments for flew in last week. I knew they were coming and was expecting it. Over the course of 8 days I was over 90 hours.

I go into work at 5 am. That way, if I want, I could leave at like 1 or 2, having part of the day still free to accomplish personal stuff and enjoy the rest of the day. It defeats the purpose though, if I come in at 5, and leave at 5. This is exactly what was happening, if I wasn’t in the lab I was at meetings or conference calls.

I was thrilled when Friday came around and I was under the impression they were leaving.

Well, they were here again this week. Even with Monday being a holiday I am well over my 40 hours.

In front of the client my boss tries to look like a savior, “Oh, she needs a vacation. She needs to stop coming in on the weekend….oh…. but can you have this done by Monday?”

He talks out of two sides of his face and is exhausting.

With the lab work completed, I emailed him about PTO, hoping to return home to NC for a couple days.

I stated in my email that, “With the lab work done, I was hoping to head home for a few days. I would still be able to process the data and type up the report from home.” He pretty much responded in a similar way as the weekend responses, “Oh, well, I’m all for you taking PTO, but uhhhh.” So that was a no.

It would be one thing if I always asked off, or rarely hit my 40 hours, but that isn’t the case.

I am doing 12 hour days, coming in 4 hours before my boss does every single day. It is beginning to feel like an expectation, and is so hard to place those boundaries at work with these ridiculous timelines and expectations. I am so tired and burnt out, I just want to cry half of the time I am at work.

I love my job, but this is ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “Work…

  1. Take him aside and point this out. Find your contract and stick to it because it will become the norm and you have to much to lose, including your life from a serious eating disorder. Look out for yourself because you can guarantee your boss is looking out for his own ass. Sometimes people take advantage without knowing and its up to you to enforce your boundaries because it’s only you who really understands what these ludicrous hours are doing to you physically and absolutely mentally.

    Keep us posted xx

    1. Thank you so much! I know I need to set boundaries, but it’s so difficult for me. I think I was so upset yesterday bc I never take off or ask for anything, but when I do it falls on deaf ears

      1. I advise you go up to him, face to face, grab both ears and pull them away from his head and say “Listen hear cloth-ears! Weekend off or I stuck a haddock on your radiator but you won’t know when, so you will be forever living in fear.” He’ll soon comply. Good luck tho’ xx

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