All in His timing pt. 2

That job I talked about in the last entry, well, I thought I didn’t get it. I received an email that led me to believe they were going with another candidate. I was a little upset at first, but tried to reframe my thinking, and put my trust in God. I told myself that I was to trust Him in the good and the bad. I can’t pray for His will to be done, then get mad when I don’t get what I wanted. I figured He had something better in store, was thankful for my job I currently had, and went on with my life.

Shortly after that email, I fell in love with a rescue dog at the shelter. She was to be sent away just to be put in another shelter. My landlords have a strict no dog or animal policy. I sat and talked with them for a while, promised nothing would happen, was respectful, and the couple gave me the ok. I was shocked honestly, I feared they would say no. The last people in the house had let their dog ruin everything, they would never go for this, especially when they had just remodeled so many aspects of this house. They said yes though!  I was thankful for God’s timing, and that I was able to get her. Figuring this was part of the plan, new job or not.

Then, I received a phone call Monday. I saw that it was from my potential employer. I figured they were calling to make sure I had received the email. I was already preparing myself for the, “We appreciate your time and coming in to see us, but unfortunately we have chosen to go with another candidate….” Speech. So, to my surprise when the voice on the other end said something to the extent of, “We would love to offer you a position here at our company.” I was shocked.

I asked if I could have a couple days to think it over. During this time I prayed that if this wasn’t right to shut the door, or to give me peace about this decision. I made a pro/con list, made a worst/best case scenario list, went over it a thousand times in my head.

Worst case of going, I hate it, I move back.

Best case scenario of taking the job, I love it and so does the dog, and I get a house.

The worst that happens here is that my roommate becomes a total bitch, I lose my dog and things stay the same.

Best case scenario of staying here…. Things pretty much stay the same…

Woah, wait what…. That was pretty much the deciding factor.

Taking this job would mean moving about nine hours away. So far though, everything has been amazing with God’s timing. By not getting the job to begin with, I was able to get my dog. My landlords actually said yes, and I got her. Then. I get offered the job. I hesitated, and still do hesitate about going, but I am trying to keep my faith that this is the right thing.


Trust the Process



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