What Health Looks Like To Me

What does health look like to me

To obtain health, or to be healthy. What does it mean?

Does it mean that for another day your heart and the surrounding organs that are housed in an enclosure of skin and bones are able to keep you going one more day? That for an unknown amount of time the blood circulating through out your system is still able to make the continual crawl from the heart to the limbs and back.

The constant synchronized cluster-fuck of organized chaotic systems all relying on each other; waiting for the day that one part decides to no longer hold up it’s part of the deal and gives in.

The concept of being healthy, can be skewed and vary on individualized needs.

When asked the question of what health looks like to me, my off the cuff answer was reflective of my desires: the idealistic/perfectionistic body image. Toned stomach, toned and muscular arms and legs, be fit, but simultaneously I want to weigh less than what I currently do. I want to lose weight, while trying to gain muscle and become more fit. So, trying to accomplish the impossible.

Being healthy shouldn’t necessarily be all about body image and weight, when thinking about health, in regards to anyone other than myself, health varies. To some becoming more healthy could mean just taking ten minutes to go on a walk, to others maybe it is going to the gym, only smoking a pack a day, or eating several times a day. Health is not one of those “One size fits all” general label that can cover the entire spectrum of people and their needs.

Healthy, in my mind, can be correlated with not only happiness, but I also relate it to being capable. People that are considered healthy, are able and capable of doing many things. Backpacking, hiking, traveling, marathons, etc. These people, regardless of weight, are able to go out and enjoy life, accomplish their goals, achieve their dreams and venture out into their passions.

As a society we enjoy constantly putting people in a categorized box of some sort, filing them away in an organized fashion. Able to decipher who is worthy of this, or qualifies for that; health is also one of the many boxes people get shoved into based on their abilities.  Are there any diseases or illnesses, or is the person medically “healthy”. Even some of the basis that people rely on to conclude if someone is healthy is skewed, such as BMI. Also having the questionnaires of “Is the individual healthy enough to:…..” which categorizes someone’s health based on their physical abilities (ex: walk, swim, stand for prolonged periods).

Mental health, self-compassion, self-acceptance, etc. I think of healthy as someone who is comfortable in their skin, they take care of themselves in whatever way is needed for them. I picture balance. Balance between eating and working out, socializing and eating, being able to do stuff. Nobody can put a general “one fits all”, “all purpose” label on the term healthy. Health, can be such a gray area and vary from person to person depending on their needs.


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