The Weight of Being Weighed

You probably won’t believe it. What happened today. As if the haunting thought of being weighed isn’t scary enough, being almost carried to the scale just about did me in.

As I sit here, I am in so much pain from eating.

A whopping half of a tomato and part of a cucumber sit with some feta cheese, and the three of them are planning on how to kill my innards.

So, today. Let me just say, I live in a very small town. It is probably frowned upon to call someone with the title “Dr.” in front of their name an asshole, but it happened, and I will probably continue to do it.  Back to the part where I live in a small town. I have known him since I was quite little, he is a family friend. So anyway, today the nutritionist came in. We were talking, she took some vitals and said, “Ok, we need to update your chart. I have to fill in the weight section.” “Um, hell no you’re not going to get me on the scale.” “But I have to put some number in.” “Tough, then put some random number in. Dr. Guy, she is not getting my ass on the scale.”

Dr. Guy: “You are getting tinier and tinier every time I see you.”

—–It continued on like this for about ten minutes. ——

“I’m going to put xxx, even though I know you’re under that.”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“Then let me weigh you.”


At this point, the nutritionist comes over and attempts to pick me up. I shit you not guys! I was enjoying my coffee, she wanted an estimate, and she came over to where I was sitting. I latch my leg under the table, and with the hand that isn’t holding onto my coffee, I cling to the table for dear life.

What the hell is wrong with people. I do not want to be weighed, you are not getting my ass on there. I seriously doubt I am under xxx. This was such a pain in the ass. It should not be such a huge ordeal to weigh me, but it is. I don’t want to know because I will just feel like a fat lard.

I texted my best friend about this because it was a very triggering morning, “Yeah xxx is probably an over estimate, I’d say more like xxx-10..tops.”

“You aren’t helping. Thanks a heap.”


4 thoughts on “The Weight of Being Weighed

  1. I’m sure it was quite traumatic at the time…but oh my gawd if you don’t laugh you will cry. My regular dr lets me tell her what I weigh…I tell the truth though and it takes the pressure off of having to abide by my stupid rules of weight, restricting and going to the doctor.
    And yeah, even best friends don’t always have a clue.
    ❤ take care and I would call someone, not sure who, about the nurse who tried to pick you up…not okay. Not okay at all. I would have freaked. You don't touch me!!!

    1. I’m so right there with you on that one. I hate being touched. It was just the chiropractor, who is friends with my family, and she is super nice. I guess she thought she was being funny but I wanted nothing to do with being weighed.

  2. Wow…not okay! Having a doctor that doesn’t respect your wishes has to be rough…hang in there! Your health is a priority and you can’t let people like him stand in your way. (Also friends try so hard and don’t understand at all, its frustrating but you gotta love them for trying I guess..)

    1. Yeah, my best friend tries to help, but she doesn’t know how to, I don’t blame her, this is hard. She was really supportive the other day for my blood work and other Dr. appt. When I had to get weighed there she made a conscious effort to look away so I wouldn’t be tempted to ask her about my weight, and so it was more comfortable for me.

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