Lunch With My Professor -Take 2

As my last class of the day came to a close I made my way across campus and up the many flights of stairs to Dr. A’s office. She sat there, waiting for me to arrive. Much like the first time we had lunch together she asked me if I had decided where I want to eat, much like the first time I said I wasn’t sure and hadn’t decided. I mentioned a few places where I knew I could manage to eat something.  She threw out one place, not far from campus at all. I said I hadn’t gone there before but to me it looked like bar food that would be really greasy.  Dr. A nodded in agreement and said ok, then that other place sounds good, with outdoor seating.

With that decision out of the way I offered to drive this time, that way she didn’t have to give up her parking spot. She caved and said ok.  We weren’t even to the car yet and she started making comments about my run tomorrow, how her sons both do triathalons and they “carb load” before their stuff and asked how that sounded.  I told her it sounded stressful.

So, anyway, skip ahead to lunch. We were sitting outside at a nice little place. She ordered, I ordered. As I sat there eating my grapes and pineapple and Dr. A was snacking on her salad, the waiter brought us a basket of rolls. She had one and mentioned how good they were, how soft and warm they were. I smiled, acknowledging I heard her, and continued on my grapes. After another few minutes she made another comment about “These great rolls, and you really should….”  I grabbed one just to shut her up. After our meals came I picked at the chicken and fruit and the roll, Dr. A began to eat her lunch. We talked about my siblings, her travel, dogs, sports…. then it came. I was blind sided, back handed, taken back and shocked at the same time.

“Have you heard of Karen Carpenter? Probably not, from The Carpenters.”

“Oh yeah! I’ve heard of them.”

“She was so pretty, a singer, died really young because of a heart attack brought on by anorexia. You don’t want that to happen to you.”

“Yeah. I know. The last time we got lunch, sitting just next to us was my cardiologist I was referred to a while back.”

“Good! Well, not good, but…”

“I know. My best friend is trying to get me to go get blood work because of my leg cramps.”

“Are you taking vitamins?”

“No. I’m figuring it is just potassium.”

“Oh. Gosh.  That’s what I was thinking, but you don’t want problems with your heart.”

After I picked at lunch a little more she made a comment about not eating a lot, I once again, told her I couldn’t, but that I would get a to-go box.  Overall, this lunch outing was also very nice, and I appreciate having someone like Dr. A in my life, even though she cares more about me than I do.


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