My Dear Legs,

My Dear Legs,

I have put you through so much; miles upon miles, stairs, squats, presses. I have abused and neglected you. Not feeding you the proper nutrients you need to keep the miles rolling. My legs, you have carried me to and from work, the gym, school, and so on. Thank you, for keeping me going as long as you have. I know we have had some rough times, being on crutches, the leg cramps, the injections, etc, but so far you have never given up completely on me and I appreciate that. 

At any moment I believe my legs are just going to give out on me. They are just going to collapse and cave in under me for good. 

Do you know the feeling  of squatting your body weight with the bench press bar and barely being able to put that bar up securely before your legs give out?

Do you know what its like to walk all around campus, your legs trembling beneath you, unsure if you can even make it to class?

Or standing in the shower as your knees begin to knock together?

Laying in bed when all of a sudden your leg tightens up and can’t even move because the cramp is so bad shooting through your leg and foot. The pain so unbearable as you forcefully attempt to straighten your toes and rub the pain out of your calf.  The stairs were nothing to me, just another thing on a daily basis. Now, I look at every flight of stairs, wondering if this will be the one that makes my legs surrender. 

It isn’t the weight of my body that makes my legs want to collapse and give in; it is the weight of everything on my shoulders.

I had to text my roommate the other night. The leg cramps are getting worse. I can usually rub them out, flex my legs, something. I hunched over, rubbing my calf to let the pain stop, but with little avail. My toes curled and I was unable to straighten them without prying them straight with my fingers. I texted my roommate who came running in my room.


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