Well, That Was Different. (Date Follow-Up)

For years I have been the good girl. Yes, during highschool I got slightly involved in the party scene, but it was mainly so I could hang out with my friends. I am majoring in science and work all the time, I don’t have time to do sports, let alone try and party.
Well, tonight was different. As you guys read earlier I was getting ready for a date with one of my friends. Someone from work invited me to go to a pub and listen to some music… fair enough to say, I’m fairly tipsy/drunk-ish. Damn I’ve become a light weight…. anyway….yeah, different.
We went to a small little place for dinner, which was good, and I actually ate a little bit. I was impressed with myself. Then we wandered the small, cute streets for a bit until the music began. I got coffee, and we wandered up and down the streets. We made it back to the pub, where the music was beginning and the customer from work was there (the one who invited me). Granted, I am pretty sure that he invited me because he was interested, but I wasn’t going by myself and was a good excuse for a date.
So, here I was, at the bar scene with one guy on a date, who was now talking to the other guy who was interested in me…. what a predicament…. here I was, sitting here, awkwardly, at a bar. Let’s call guy #1 my “date guy” and guy #2 “interested guy”. Well, guy #2 offered to buy me a drink…. I honestly wasn’t sure what the unspoken “rules” on this topic was, but when he offered guy #1 a drink too, I said ok. When guy #1 ran to his car, guy #2 started asking me questions about #1 (to see if we were related/dating/etc). So, guy #2 is older, more mature, bought me a couple drinks. Guy #1 bought me dinner and a couple drinks… damn I sound like a slut, but I swear, this isn’t me!!!
I’m sitting here, while two guys are offering to buy me drinks.
I always pictured this kind of thing in the movies… girl goes to bar, guys buy here drinks, story fairytale bullshit. This was so weird though. I partially enjoyed it, and partially felt guilty. What would other people think if they saw me here? Is it wrong to let guys buy me drinks? And for the love of God, How many CALORIES are in this glass of wine?!?!
So, C, if you are reading this… I kept down something other than fruit and veggies… as long as old fermented grapes count…. (I mean, I ONLY puked twice today).
It was flattering and stressful, all at the same time.
Guy #1 has PTSD from the military
Guy #2 is older and is from out of state
WTF is wrong with me?!?!
I want to be skinny, smaller boobs, happy with myself. Instead, I am drunk, so damn tired, and can’t manage to go one day without puking my guts up… yay me.


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