Not today, Satan, Not today

This is one of the best things I have read. So thought provoking and great.

What Recovery Tastes Like

I have heard the stories of the woman who tried to starve but got too hungry. I could write chapters of those who stuck their fingers down their throat but instead walked away. I have looked in the faces of people who said they’ve tried but Anorexia but couldn’t go through with it. I never attempted to have an eating disorder, I never dreamed of having an eating disorder and I never could just turn my back and ‘be normal’. It just happened.

Anorexia is more than a criteria that you fit in.  It is not some checklist that boils down to “Do you think you are fat?” “Are you 50 pounds?” and “Does celebrities influence you to do this?” It’s more than a fad diet, it’s more than your reflection, it’s more than anything that a Dr Phil special can tell you. It’s so much more because all you want…

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