Please Excuse My Rabbit Food

So, I have been given one “assignment” over the next two weeks. To eat and keep down something, everyday. With one last minute kicker, “something other than fruits and vegetables.” Has this lady met me? That is all I eat. The whole “eating something daily” is hard enough, but then hearing that it has to be something other than fruits and veggies, well that just sucks. Blueberries, Raspberries, spinach, carrots, strawberries, that is about it.
Guess if I was willing to go back, guess I need to be willing to actually try.
Does coffee count? Nope.
Gum? Probably not.
Now, the one thing I actually eat and keep down isn’t sufficient enough. Well, guess it never was sufficient enough, and hearing yesterday about the differences in my eating over the last year was kind of eye opening. Guess I hadn’t realized how much I was actually restricting now. I’m very thankful that people in my life are so patient and tolerate me so well. Whether it is just trying to get me to keep something down or get some help in the right direction.
It is kinda hard to hear that the stuff I actually eat and rely on doesn’t like “count”. Oh well, as long as I can still work out and junk then we are good. That is one thing I will not give up.
My legs, at this point, feel like they are trying to fail me. Between my leg cramps and massive amount of coffee, I never know when my legs will crumple beneath my weight. Yesterday, after being frazzled, driving an hour, and consuming a lot of coffee, I jumped out of the car and realized how weak I was. Having the shakes I jumped out of the car, coffee in hand and was walking with a purpose to get where I needed to be. I ran into the person I was meeting and without even thinking went in for a hug. I was more consumed with the fact that I had to pee and finally being out of the car that the embrace was something I didn’t even think about. Damn I hate hugs anyway. Being so frazzled, tired, and foggy I felt like I did not contribute much to my conversation. Listening, attempting to follow the conversation. I wasn’t sure if I was going to fall asleep or pee myself.
As for the eating thing today, I am doing great… Snow peas and watermelon…. oh wait.


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