You Wouldn’t Scream Fire In a Crowded Building; Why Say Rape?

I have many pet peeves, numerous ones of them pertain to food in some form or fashion. One of the many things that get under my skin is the made up connotation that society has attached to certain words and believe to be synonyms. 

The first is gay. Yes, this annoys the ever loving shit out of me. Gay is not interchangeable with “stupid”, “dumb”, whatever. It is a way of living, I have no right to judge anyone for who they love. Yes, I am a Christian. Yes, I am a sinner who has royally screwed up (if you don’t believe me, read my other posts). I also believe that if I don’t want to be judged, why judge others? Jesus had dinner with tax collectors, sluts, etc, why can’t I be ok with how others live their life?

The next is rape. I’m not sure if it is as prevalent where you live as where I live, but holy shit. I want to smack every shit head that uses this word in a nonchalant, lackadaisical, everyday way. I’m not talking about speaking on the importance of getting help, support, etc. I’m talking about the high school kids who use it all the time. 

If you haven’t heard it, you are about to. I’ve heard it in many circumstances, “Oh man, that algebra test raped me.” “I just raped that game.” It isn’t cute, it isn’t funny, and in all honesty I want to punch you in your ignorant face. Rape is not interchangeable with “owned”, “dominated”, “kicked ass”, etc. While these terms seem to be appropriate in the actual use of rape, as in that guy tried to “own” that girl, or “dominated” her body (since it is all about control and power). 

Using the term “rape” so nonchalant and casually, in my opinion, lowers the significance and urgency attached to the word. Society will soon become so immune and desensitized that I wonder what will happen to this word. Women, and men, both, struggle with so many conflicting and intense emotions. Whether it is blame, anger, nausea, worry that people won’t believe them. If people become so numb to using this word what will happen to the victims?

Even worse is the sting that must carry to someone who has been sexually abused. To hear young, ignorant, high school students use this word when referring to a video game; to them it may be harmless. To the lady trying to eat her lunch that became triggering, she wasn’t able to finish her lunch and spent the rest of the day on high alert in panic mode. 


2 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Scream Fire In a Crowded Building; Why Say Rape?

  1. What really annoys me is when people use the word “gay” to mean “a way of life” to describe people engaged in the sinful behavior of homosexuality.

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